Hippotherapy is the evidence-based use of horses and equine settings as a tool in clinical treatment under the direction of an occupational therapist, physical therapist, or speech-language pathologist.  

Participants must be at least 2-years old, be able to have head control and sit upright on own.  A physician referral is required to participate in hippotherapy- when a spot is open, forms can be provided by the occupational or physical therapist for you to give to your physician.  Services cost $65 weekly for a 30-minute session on Thursdays.  Opportunities for scholarships are available, if needed.  Insurance is not accepted; payments can be made through partial scholarship, cash, and card.

While on the waitlist for hippotherapy services, or if you are unavailable on Thursdays, you may be interested in our therapeutic riding services on Tuesdays through Fridays and Sundays.

Please call us at 719-634-4173 for more information about our programs or referrals for other services in the area.  For more information about Hippotherapy specifically, please email us at hippotherapy@cstrc.org.

If interested in putting your name on the waitlist, please CLICK Hippotherapy Waitlist Submission below to fill out the waitlist form and a therapist will contact you as an appointment spot becomes available.

 Hippotherapy Waitlist Submission